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“We have used the Comlite system for years at our office first with the original system and now the computer version.  The system is easy to setup and use and keeps us in contact with all areas of the office. We use the light system to let Doctor what type of exam and which room to go in.  The texting we use to let optical know if they have a patient here and why. (dispense, purchase or adjustment).  The doctor uses text to let us know if he needs assistance in the exam room.  The front desk uses text it to keep the whole office informed,  if a patient is here or late, and changes in the schedule such as medical added or extra exam.  The system is very stable and we have never had any issues with it and assistance is just a phone call away if needed.  We highly recommend the Comlite system.”


Sue, Office Manager

Geneseo Family Eye Care

I just wanted to let you know how much our office loves our Comlite system.  We have been using Comlite for many years, even before it was computer based.  Our office runs much more smoothly using Comlite’s light system and helps us communicate flawlessly and easily every day.  Thanks for the great product and also for the great customer service over our many years using it!

Gail Ruhl, Office Manager

Stephen H. Knight, M.D.

My team and I would like to thank you for your help in setting us up with Commlite.  The system works very smoothly and offers great efficiency in our practice. Most importantly, you are a true professional and was a joy and delight to work with. You are always cheerful and ready to help and never seemed too busy, even though I can imagine how busy you are. Thank you, Tom and l look forward to working with you again and recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Best Regards,

Dr. Vi Lau, DDS

Good Morning Tom,


I wanted to write you to let you know how very pleased we are with the Comlite Office Paging System in both of our orthodontic offices.  I was excited about your system as I reviewed it online and it has exceeded my expectations in every way.


I anticipated a bit of a learning curve in managing your software however, after 30min on the phone with you, we had it up and running throughout our office.  The beauty of Comlite is the simplicity of set-up and ease of changing it to suit needs in the office as they develop.  My vision for its use in our office was simply a series of sequential lights blinking in the order of where I was needed.  What we found was that it does that beautifully….but it does so much more for us…..more than we ever envisioned.  We continue to tweek it by adding/removing lights, changing light colors for different situations, adding/removing/changing sounds, etc. every few weeks. My staff continue to come up with ideas and ways for using Comlite to make our office even more efficient and productive.  The system is extremely user friendly.  I initially set up our original light design however, by implementing the changes and modifications suggested by my staff, it went from a pretty awesome system to an absolutely incredible invaluable, addition to our practice.


Comlite tells me which patient to see next and how many other patients are ready for me.  I can, at times, spend more time enjoyably conversing with a patient/family knowing that no one else is waiting.  I never liked hearing an assistant tell me she was ready while I was currently with another patient for fear the patient would (understandably) think I was hurrying to the next chair.  With Comlite I am made aware that the next patient is ready in a seamless, non-verbal, inconspicuous, manner.  Extremely professional.  Comlite has dramatically increased the amount of time that I speak with parents because I can use my time more efficiently knowing if chairs are ready or not.   We have procedures that demand my immediate attention (brackets ready to position, etc.) so we simply made those needs a blue light instead of a red so I go directly to that chair even if it is out of the sequence.  Again, now we don’t have the verbal urgency of…”I have brackets ready”.  I might also mention I can be more relaxed and less hurried during new patient exams knowing no one or perhaps just one other chair is ready….in fact, if no one is ready I can enjoy a more extended conversation with the new family to our practice.  Awesome…THANKS!!


I would also like to comment on the texting feature of Comlite.  Our staff has found this to be, perhaps, their favorite feature of our Comlite system.  That caught me by surprise…….. it has become a tremendous time saver in SO many ways for us.  Now, they can simply text directly to particular station, to all stations, or to any group of stations.  The front desk…without calling or leaving their station can text the orthodontic assistants….How much longer will a particular pt be?  Can whoever has the banding come out to greet them now?  Perhaps a particular patient’s parent wants to speak to me after their appointment….all done non-verbally in a matter of seconds.   When I am in a new patient exam the assistant can text the front desk to see if we have an opening to take their initial records immediately if they wish and so she offers that…..again…..all non-verbally and seamless.


We continue to discover new ways that Comlite can enhance our practice.  Thank you for an incredible system.

Best wishes,


Dr Russell Martin

“Our Clinical Eyecare Practice has experienced continued success in both exceeding growth in patient volume and financial metrics. With utilizing the same Clinic footprint of 5000 square feet, we have engineered efficiencies in patient flow via staff communications and logistics in having the right staff in the right place at the right time. We find our Comlite system to be the most valuable element that keeps us on, or even ahead, of our schedule.

We utilize and enhance awareness of our entire staff, from the time a patient arrives, through registration and pretest, the doctor’s evaluation, and onto the optical dispensary. The Comlite System alerts us of patient location, staff presence, doctor with which patient, and when to expect the next move along the continuum of care. The technicians and opticians anticipate and prepare for the next step before the patient gets there. It not only saves time, which allows for additional appointments to be added to an efficient and busy schedule, but it also pleases the patient that they are respected to be presented care in a timely and considerate manner.

When emergencies or changes in schedule occur, as is typical in any size practice, the ability to “see things changing in real time” allows the staff to moderate their tasks to facilitate the change. This diminishes stress and keeps things moving seamlessly.

One of the best features of the Comlite system is the ability to see changes with signals lighting up and changing dynamically as well as hearing the audible tone to show a change in the status of who, where and what’s new. The entire staff can be proactive and save time, save steps, save telephone interruptions, and deliver services now.

We have a unit in each room, at the front desk, in the optical lab, even in staff and doctors private offices. We all have an accurate pulse on what’s happening everywhere in the clinic and dispensary. Before we had Comlite we spent so much time rushing to pick up the pace by being surprised by changes that weren’t apparent until a phone call or coming out of the exam room. Very inefficient. Very stressful.

The Comlite system paid for itself in the first few months by allowing us to bolster our schedule and accept more patients due to our efficiency. Our clinic has met and exceeded goals without sacrificing quality. Patients appreciate our efficiency, love the high tech communications and endorse our care by repeat and referrals to the clinic.

Please feel free to come visit us here at Summit Eye Clinic and observe for yourself the quality and ease of managing a high volume practice with low stress and high profits. Thanks Comlite for such an excellent tool to make achieving these goals nearly effortless!” “

Dr. Randy J. Prestash, Senior Clinician, Founder 

” Our office has been using the Comlite system for the past couple years and would be lost without it. We had looked at a couple other lighting systems, but would have had the added expense of wiring the office. Comlite has worked seamlessly with our computers and the staff loves that we can program different bell sounds for our doctors to use to let them know whether an Optician is needed or the Optometric Assistant to help with more testing. We’ve even programmed one for our receptionist to ring when she needs additional help at the front desk. Comlite’s support was very helpful when we were first installing the program and when we needed to run an update on the system. We love a program that can be turned on every morning and it just works without having to worry about it. It’s a great addition to any office to help with the transition from doctor to Optical staff. !”

Crystal Marianno, Solano Eye Care

“I Don’t know how any office can function without a Comlite System. I know if I have patients waiting so I can quit talking and get on to the next patient!”

Rob Dobrusin, OD

” Running a busy ear, nose and throat practice and doing a variety of in-office procedures requires good coordination to be efficient. Believe it or not, an effective method we utilized in the past were colored clothes pins! Cheap, ugly, antiquated but effective. When I recently relocated the office location I was introduced to Comlite and immediately saw the potential for my practice. After about 3 days during the trial period I knew this was what I’d been looking for all along. Integrated with any computer system, it has increased the efficiency and patient flow in my office beyond expectation. I cannot work without Comlite at this time and will chastise my office staff (in a good humored way) for not utilizing the system. Thanks so much for your support. I am now completely dependent on my Comlite system when seeing patients in the office. I’m constantly referring to the system to determine which patient is next in cue and to direct my staff as to what service that patient might need while in the office. The system has increased our efficiency in a manner that overall provides better service to the patient and has reduced “wasteful waiting.” All in part aided by the use of Comlite.

I hardly, if ever write testimonials but I felt compelled to share my experience with others. I know of no other system like Comlite on the market today that is invisible to all but the users, with the ability to communicate and multitask. “

Don Lerner, MD
Jacksonville, FL

“Having a Comlite System saves me half of an employee’s salary per year.”

P. Duncan Roy, Jr., OD

” I greatly appreciate the Comlite software you provided for us. After years of having my staff shouting for me to “go to op 2” or “phone call in line 3”, it is a relief to hear a quiet chime to direct me to the appropriate op. It makes it easy for me to call additional staff to whatever room I’m in. The texting feature is a delight. I don’t have to go out the front desk to explain details to my receptionist. It is a very effective and versatile piece of software. We are no longer a “shouting” office.””

Ian Brockhouse D.D.S.

“The best money I’ve spent on clinic efficiency in years. Now one of the most used technologies in my office.”

Javier Morales, OD

“Comlite saves me a ton of time. I’m seeing 2 more patients per day!”

Sarah Gordon, OD

” The LAN4000 is user friendly, customizable and we love the text messaging. You all have been and are great to work with for support and are always prompt. Thank you so much for devising a system with the Dentist and Staff in mind.”

Claire Wilson, DDS

“We have been using the new system for weeks now without a problem. Well done!”

James Herman, OD

“I’ve been using the new Comlite LAN4000 System for a year now and I absolutely love it.  I had their old paging system for years and when they came out with their computer version I had to have it.  It saves so much time and makes the office run efficiently.  I can’t imaging practicing without it!

Timothy W. Shannon, O.D.

“Thought I would drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with the new LAN4000 system. We have had no issues at all with any conflicts, etc I would be happy to speak to anyone about the system. Great job!”

Ray Orzechowski, DDS

“We are so pleased with Comlite in our office. I have also recommended it to other VisionSource representatives at the VSR meetings. It saves us and the doctor a lot of steps in the office and I like the message center available also.”

Glenda Shoptaw, Office Mgr.
Hot Springs VisionSource, LLC

“Using the Comlite System allows our practice to place our focus on the patient and achieve excellent communication – both at the same time!   This provides our team a consistent level of care while saving time and frustration.”

Lori Trost, DMD
St. Louis, MO

“I use the Comlite System at least 30 times a day. It saves time, increases profits and reduces stress.”

Howard Farran, DDS
Phoenix, AZ

“Our group pediatric office has been using Comlite for over 11 years and could not operate effectively with out. It would be utter chaos.”

Dr. Roger Achong, DDS
Concord, NH

“We have had a Comlite System in our office for over 10 years. After some extensive remodeling we needed to acquire a new system. While we were without the Comlite System in between we had a great deal of confusion about patients arriving, need for hygiene exams and other things we use the system for. I have found the follow through and service from Comlite to be exceptional as well!”

Donald J. Zelazny, DDS
Waterford, MI

“I meant to tell you how much we use the messaging within the office that came with the last update. Very useful. Keep the good ideas coming. Thanks, Ron”

Ron Danforth, DDS