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The Comlite LAN4000 provides a real time snapshot of staff and patient activity throughout the office at any given time. Comlite communicates by using light buttons and audible chimes to represent people, tasks, and locations. You can customize Comlite to represent your office layout and staff makeup. This layout is for a primary care office with two doctors and a physician assistant. Each provider has their own row and their own color to track their activity throughout the day.

Doctor number one is in exam room one, because it’s flashing. It has patients waiting in rooms two and three, respectively. Doctor number two has a patient up front ready to be taken back, is in room five with a patient, and has a patient waiting in room six, and just paged an MA to go to room five. Why room five? Because five is flashing.

Let’s say the PA wants to page a nurse. They’ll click on the “nurse” button and change the color of the light to match his new color, indicating the nurse is being paged to room seven. If this were red, the nurse would be being paged to room one. When the doctor’s done in room one up top, he can click on that and it goes out, and room three starts to flash because that patient was ready to be seen next. This is our patient sequencing function. It helps tell where the doctor is, what rooms are available if they’re not lit, and tells the doctor where to go next.

We also have text messaging. Comlite’s text interface features a drop down window with pre-programmed messages of your choice. It’s totally customizable. You simply select the message you want to send, select the station or stations you wish to send it to, and click on “send”. If you don’t know where a person is in the office, you can click “send all” and the message will go everywhere. The bottom panel to the right shows the message that was sent, those are outgoing messages, and the top panel shows your incoming messages. It displays the time it was sent to you, the name of the station that sent it, and the message itself.

Comlite is customized for your office by clicking on the “set up” button on our administrative station. The set up screen is going to allow you to give each station a unique name, it’s going to allow you to decide how many buttons you want to have on the panel, whether you want to use sequencing or not, what chimes you want to hear, whether or not you want to use any of our timing functions. It’s also where you’re going to be able to go ahead and name the buttons themselves, choose button colors, choose light colors, set up your default text messages, and so on and so forth.

We make your office more efficient by improving patient flow and increasing profits!