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The Comlite LAN 4000 provides a real time snapshot of staff and patient activity throughout the office at any given time. Comlite communicates by using light buttons and audible chimes to represent people, tasks, and locations. You can customize Comlite to represent your office layout and staff makeup.

This layout is an example of how Comlite could be used in a solo dental practice. There’s one doctor working two operatories, and two hygienists each working their own dedicated op. The provider lights on the top row light up when their next patient is here. So hygiene one, next patient is here. The doctor is in operatory one, because it’s flashing. The doctor has another patient in Op. 2, and the patient in Op. 2 is numbing and they got another eight minutes to go.

The doctor needs an assistant to go to Op. 1. Hygiene two is ready for a check. However, the doctor can not go to Hygiene 2 as he’s busy where he’s at. So he can make that light change color, and that’s telling hygiene 1 know that ” I know you need me, I’ll be there as soon as I can”. Hygiene two’s next patient just showed up. Well that changes the scenario somewhat for the doc, because now if he doesn’t do that check soon, that hygienist is going to be running behind all day.

This gives a visual representation of a lot of different tasks at the same time, so you have information to decide whether to do that check now, or later. In this case, the Dentist going to go do the check so the hygenist can go ahead and see her next patient and get on with her day.

Comlite also has text capabilities. Clicking the text button opens our text interface, you have drop down messages of your own choice, you can customize this for the presets you use all the time. You click on the message, you click on who you wish to send it to, and hit send. Outgoing messages show up in the lower panel, show what time you sent it, and your message. Incoming messages show up in the upper panel. It shows you the time, the name of the station that sent the message, and the message itself.

A group message is a sub-set of the system. If I’m constantly sending a message to the same four locations, I’ll just put them in a group. I just click on the group, and send the message to those four without having to select them individually from the station panel. You can send custom messages. Messages can be targeted to one station, several stations, or everywhere.

As you can see, Comlite Systems is a powerful and diverse software that is completely customizable to each doctors office’s needs.

We help dentists see more patients with effective time management!

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