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09-24-2015  Comlite Systems announces that they have sold over 4000 licenses for its LAN4000 light-signaling and texting communication software. The LAN4000 is used in a wide variety of medical practices as well as optometry, ophthalmology and dental offices.

05-10-2015   Comlite releases update version
V1.6.0 has the following changes: ” Added broadcast capability for communicating between the admin station and clients. ” Added capability for admin station and client station to disable broadcast mode. ” Added Setup functionality to support broadcast/direct modes. ” Added Firewall rule management program – can now directly delete/create Comlite firewall rules. ” ComliteAuthLog-xxxx-xxxx.txt file – generated by Firewall rule program – lists all rules found on system. ” Added capability to create/change/delete text messaging groups ” Added ability to place predefined drop-down notes on timed buttons. These notes are defined in Admin Setup. ” Added the ability to highlight and delete individual text messages. ” Added the ability to clear the timer log. ” Improved the configuration file format in problem report. ” Configurable transmit and receive timeouts. ” Reduced default transmit and receive timeouts from 3 secs to 1 sec. Improved user guide – more troubleshooting, new intro, direct vs broadcast description.

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